The North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation is offering memberships so that competitors may register their belts with a governing body of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The NABJJF will utilize resources, connections and communicate within the community to verify the belts of all competitors who apply for membership with the NABJJF.

Membership with the North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation entitles an individual to an NABJJF ID card that recognizes their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Rank. This card may be used as identification at all NABJJF tournaments and presenting the card entitles the member to free entry to spectate at any NABJJF tournament.

The NABJJF will use membership data to expedite tournament registration as well as create a database that records tournament results and rankings for members.

The NABJJF reserves the right to contact the instructor of an applicant as well as that instructor’s instructor. This is to ensure accuracy and veracity in the records of belt rankings of NABJJF members.

A few Benefits to Individual and Academy membership:

  1. Member will have an SJJIF ID card and sanction number. 
  2. Member will have part of a tournament discount program
  3. Member will have complimentary admission as a spectator to any SJJIF tournament
  4. Black Belt Certificates--listed as certified Black Belt
  5. Academy listed as Certified on website
  6. All partaking in a newly developed Ranking System



                                     Minor Membership             Individual Membership